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1. Lab Furniture

Island Table

Island Tables are suitable for all the Laboratory consists of assembly of combination of storage modules with drawers & shutters or only shutter with shelf inside and Tops of selected material.

The main features of Island Tables are same as work tables.

The Island Tables are available in various customized sizes.

Work Table

Work Tables are suitable for all the Laboratory consists of assembly of combination of storage modules with drawers & shutters or only shutter with shelf inside and Tops of selected material. The main features of the work bench are as under:

Table Top : Made of Jet Black Granite, S.S. or any Selective (Special) Surface.

Table Frame : Made of square steel Tubes with epoxy Powder Coating finish.

Under bench Storage Modules : Made from best quality Steel sheets of specified thickness having drawers and shutters and shelves as per requirement. Drawers and shutters are fitted with best quality locks and S.S. Handles. Shutter and Drawer fronts are of sandwich construction with polyurethane packing and gaskets to reduce noise. Complete storage module units is finished with powder coating.

Reagent Racks : Made from best quality steel sheets of specified thickness with two tier shelves and a service panel at the middle for electrical and other service lines. Complete Rack is finished with epoxy Powder coating.

Instrument Table

Instrument Tables are Suitable for working with instruments in a Instrument lab. The height of Instrument benches is 750mm (sitting ht) and leg space is provided in between. Keyboard drawer and CPU shelves are adding the facility to work with computerized instruments.Electrical trunking with approved make switch/sockets are provided optionally.

Sink Table

Sink Tables are suitable for Laboratory consists of assembly of combination of storage modules with shutters with shelf inside and Tops of selected material. The main features is to facilitate the Sink along with the water tap integrated with the work bench. Sink material: S.S., Polypropylene, Ceramic

Tall Storage Cabinet

Tall storage cupboards are available with hinged glass doors or complete metal hinged doors. Storage cupboards are provided with four adjustable shelves.Complete unit is finished with epoxy powder coating.

Anti Vibration Table

Anti-Vibration Table are designed to absorb shocks and vibrations for working with instruments like Balance.

2. Laminar Flow Cabinet

Laminar air flow can maintain a working area devoid of contaminants. Many medical and research laboratories require sterile working environments in order to carry out specialised work. Laminar Flow Cabinets can provide the solution.

Why Laminar Flow Cabinets?

Laminar Flow Cabinets create particle-free working environments by projecting air through a filtration system and exhausting it across a work surface in a laminar or uni-directional air stream. They provide an excellent clean air environment for a number of laboratory requirements.


Laminar Flow Cabinets are suitable for a variety of applications and especially where an individual clean air environment is required for smaller items, e.g. particle sensitive electronic devices.

In the laboratory, Laminar Flow Cabinets are commonly used for specialised work.

Laminar Flow Cabinets can be tailor made to the specific requirements of the laboratory and are also ideal for general lab work, especially in the medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and industrial sectors.

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets receive their name due to the direction of air flow which comes from above but then changes direction and is processed across the work in a horizontal direction. The constant flow of filtered air provides material and product protection.

Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets

Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets function equally well as horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets with the laminar air directed vertically downwards onto the working area. The air can leave the working area via holes in the base. Vertical flow cabinets can provide greater operator protection.

3. Fume Hood

We have an extensive range of Fume Hood that is widely used for the removal of gas, vapors and chemical mist. We offer these in order to meet the emission standards for safety to health and environment.


• Conventional Constant Volume
• Operate on constant volume principle
• Majority air enters through the opening of sash
• Exhaust volume remains constant
• Constructed with utmost precision
• Apt for general low hazard applications

• Low-pressure drop
• Highly efficient
• Maintenance free
• Noiseless operation
• Minimum energy requirement

4. Biological Safety Cabinets

The need to protect personnel, product, and the environment from exposure to biohazards and cross contamination during routine procedures has never been more acute. We developed a wide variety of biological safety cabinets designed to meet diverse applications in the life science, clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratory.

Because of the critical nature of such laboratory work, our products are designed and manufactured to meet specific needs of the workplace, and to operate within a performance envelope which guarantees the widest margin of safety and product protection for the most demanding laboratory conditions.

Cabinet Purpose

In varying degrees, a laminar flow biological safety cabinet is designed to provide three basic types of protection:

• Personnel protection from harmful agents inside the cabinet.
• Product protection to avoid contamination of the work, experiment, or process.
• Environmental protection from contaminants contained within the cabinet.

5. Clean Room

Clean rooms are defined as specially constructed, environmentally controlled enclosed spaces with respect to airborne particulates, temperature, humidity, air pressure, airflow patterns, air motion, vibration, noise, viable (living) organisms, and lighting. Particulate control includes:

1. Particulate and microbial contamination
2. Particulate concentration and dispersion

“Federal Standard 209E” defines a clean room as a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits.

“British Standard 5295” defines a clean room as a room with control of particulate contamination, constructed and used in such a way as to minimize the introduction, generation and retention of particles inside the room and in which the temperature, humidity, airflow patterns, air motion and pressure are controlled.

We are Specialized in:

1. Clean Room Design, Installation and Project Management.
2. HVAC Installation.
3. Electrical.
4. Air Shower Entry system and other Clean Room products.
5. Change rooms.
6. Lab Benches.
7. Epoxy flooring.
8. And testing and Commissioning.

Industries are using….

1. Semiconductor : This industry drives the state of the art clean room design, and this industry accounts for a significant number of all operating clean rooms.

2. Pharmaceutical : Clean rooms control living particles that would produce undesirable bacterial growth in the preparation of biological, pharmaceutical, and other medical products as well as in genetic engineering research.

3. Aerospace : The manufacturing and assembling of aerospace electronics, missiles and satellites were the first application of clean rooms. Large volume clean room spaces with extreme cleanliness are involved.

4. Miscellaneous Applications : Other uses include advanced materials research, laser and optic industries, microelectronics facility, paint room and in some aseptic foods production. Also in some high infection risk areas of hospitals.
While hospital operating rooms can be considered clean spaces, their concern is to control types of contamination rather than the quantity of particles present. The semiconductor manufacturing requires very clean environment.

6. Office Furniture

Modular Workstations

Our Modular Unit is a truly revolutionary and attractive multipurpose storage system that blends with any office's style. Flexible and modular, it can achieve any configuration by mixing, matching and stacking of different storages units as per your need. When versatility is essential and space saving is the order of the day, A tile based system and a workhorse of the office, combines traditional strength and contemporary aesthetics to enhance your office spaces. It is designed to facilitate a blend of low height workstations and full height partitions.

Office Storage & Lockers

Our range of steel & Filing Storage systems create an office environment that caters of those seeking minimalist lines. The Storages are space saving units that provides safe and convenient storage of office material at offices, factories, laboratories, colleges, research institutes and the like. Our Filing Systems with maximum utilization of space & greater economy.

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